About Us

“The more we regard our success as our own doing, the less responsibility we feel for those who fall behind.” - Michael J. Sandel

Who we are is not only the doing of our own hard work. It is also due to the support of the people in our lives and the communities we’ve been a part of. And of course, a lot of luck.

Alex Koszycki (kuh-shitz-skee) - CEO

  • With the support of parents, professors, scientists, and advisors - completed 21 months of paid co-ops in systems modeling, cancer research, virology, bioinformatics, drug development, electronic health record systems, and app development while earning a bachelors & masters in biomedical engineering at Drexel University over 5 years.

  • With the support of managers, mentors, colleagues, and customers - wore the hats of a customer support engineer, a data software blog writer, a product trainer, a product manager, and a program manager of an online customer community.

  • Alex enjoys road trips, traveling, hiking, reading, writing, and playing D&D.

Ozzie Dembowski (dihm-bOW-skee) - CTO

  • With the support of parents, professors, scientists, and advisors - completed 18 months of co-op and research in bioscience, data analytics automation, and pharmaceutical drug development while earning a bachelors in biomedical engineering at Drexel University over 4 years.

  • With the support of colleagues and managers - transitioned from customer support engineer and predictive data analyst to full-stack software engineer specializing in product integrations and machine learning.

  • Ozzie enjoys cars, fitness, e-sports, and traveling.

Pavel Kolenda (kOH-lend-ah) - CFO

  • With the support of parents, professors, and advisors Pavel obtained his bachelors degree in accounting, a minor in management, and a Certified Public Accountant license.

  • With the support of colleagues and managers - Pavel enjoyed a successful career in public accounting and consulting. Pavel has spent years working hand-in-hand with startups as well as multi-billion dollar companies. After reaching the managerial level, Pavel decided to take the plunge into the private accounting world, assuming a finance leadership position at an Austin-based tech company.

  • Pavel enjoys motorcycles, cars, wake-boarding, and building stuff with his own two hands.

the elephant in the room

You caught us, we’re all Polish! Well, Pavel is. Ozzie and I were born in Pennsylvania. Both sets of our parents escaped communism in the still Soviet-controlled Polish People's Republic. They immigrated to America in search of real opportunity and a better life for their families.

Ok, maybe that’s not the only elephant in the room. We’re also not in the media industry. We came to this problem from a different direction.

As customer support engineers, product people, and leaders in analytics software companies, we saw firsthand how data, algorithms, and automation were eating the world. We worked personally with hundreds of companies across every industry that were using data to supercharge their business. The biggest banks and the richest corporations are the prime customers in a thriving business-to-business market that creates powerful and user-friendly analytics software - automating processes and creating enormous value.

Our experiences have given us a window to observe the way data flows through our modern business world. They’ve provided us insight into some of the big picture forces that incentivize polarization and contribute to widespread distrust of journalism.

Although we’re outsiders to the media business, we have a lot to bring to the table. We’re product thinkers with broad insights built through work across industries. We’re self-starters and eternal students, and we’re eager to be giving our time, energy, and talent in service of a bigger mission. This great country gave us lives our parents could never have dreamed of, and now we have a duty to pay-it-forward for future generations.